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Artemise Centre Feminin is a holistic women’s health center in Barcelona. Its team is multicultural and multi-lingual and each member wrote a section of the website in their own native language.

We took these fragments and created a cohesive whole. The challenge was to transmit the same tender message to their clients in every language.

Client Profile

Sector: Holistic medicine
Headquarters: Barcelona
Employees: < 10

Holistic Approach: Multicultural and Multi-lingual adaptation

Project summary

Language pairs

English (enUS) to French (frFR) and Spanish (esES)
Spanish (esES) to French (frFR) and English (enUS)
French (frFR) to English (enUS) and Spanish (esES)

Linguist team

We recruited six translators (two for each target language) with demonstrated experience in the holistic health sector.

Reference Materials

We provided our translators with:

  • style guide
  • multi-lingual glossary
  • source material in every language


  1. Human translation
  2. QA 1 (electronic, general checks)
  3. Proofreading
  4. QA 2 (electronic, general checks)

Electronic tools

Wordfast (translation)
Wordfast (QA checks)

Linguists recruited

Words translated



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