Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine

McGraw Hill is one of the largest textbook publishers in the world and a leading global education company. We were a key stakeholder in their efforts to reach further into the Italian market.

We managed the machine translation from English into Italian of one of the world’s most respected medical textbooks: Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine.

Client Profile

Sector: Textbook publishing
Headquarters: United States
Employees: > 5,000

Medical Textbook: Comprehensive Guide for Healthcare Professionals

Project summary

Language pair

English (enUS) to Italian (itIT)

Linguist team

We recruited 15 specialized medical translators, all native Italian speakers.

Reference Materials

We provided our translators with:

  • detailed style guide
  • comprehensive glossary
  • pre-configured Trados Quality Assurance profiles


  1. Machine translation
  2. Post editing
  3. QA1 (electronic checks)
  4. QA2 (manual filtering checklist)
  5. QA3 (general review)
  6. Send to client for additional steps

Electronic tools

Protemos (file management)
Trados (translation)
XBench (QA checks)
Discord (collaborative workspace)

Linguists recruited

Words translated



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