NEP is a global company dedicated to live events and audiovisual equipment. We are their preferred vendor in Spain for a wide range of documents.

Many of these documents are confidential. One that is not is a public tender we translated into English for its headquarters to review.

Client Profile

Sector: Audiovisual Production
Headquarters: United States
Employees: >5,000

Public Tender Translation: Expert Multilingual Services for Accurate Multilingual Documents

Project summary

Language pairs

Spanish (esES) to English (enUS)


Linguist team

We used two of our most trusted native English legal/financial translators.


Reference Materials

We provided our translators with:

  • comprehensive glossary
  • pre-configured Trados Quality Assurance profiles


  1. Machine Translation
  2. MT Post-Editing
  3. Proofreading
  4. QA checks

Electronic tools

Protemos (file management)
Trados (translation)
XBench (QA checks)

Linguists used

Words translated



More Successful Projects

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